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dbc Cart

Apart from the elements from the schedule your moderator needs free elements such as beds, closers and hooks for the presentation of his broadcast show. dbc Cart was designed for the comfortable administration of the respective jingle database.
The different types of jingles can be divided into various categories. Your moderators can choose user-defined background colours for these categories. Like this they are able to realize the function of the respective element at one glance.

The lower screen part contains four stacks for the jingles which can be fitted with max. four elements. 

The jingle stacks can be equipped with elements from the jingle database via drag&drop. It is also possible to interchange elements in the stacks via drag&drop.

All alterations effected in the dbc Cart-programme are simultaneoulsy reported to our dbc RadioControl system, so that the elements can be played immediately.
Amendments within the stack effected during the actual broadcast of the elements are reported to the jingle administration dbc Cart where the jingle stacks are permanently maintained as well. 

dbc Cart

Product information
  • ODBC database interface

  • operating system: Windows XP or 7

  • user administration with assignment of rights

  • coloured categories for comfortable distraction of elements

  • import of elements per drag&drop

  • pool window as clipboard

  • loading and saving of configurations

  • pre-listening of beginning and end of jingles

  • comfortable data stock search function

  • back-up with dbc RadioControl

  • various key tokens replace the mouse

Beside the jingle stacks you have a pool window at your disposal. Here you can deposit elements that are needed by your moderator at a later time of broadcast.
The special assignment of the jingle stacks and the pool window can be labelled with names and saved as a configuration in the data base. Loading existing configurations is possible at any time.
The jingle-import our of the audio-archive is carried out per drag&drop. Our programme supports the DigAS DBM (DAVID) and the CUTbase (CreamWare) systems. Each jingle can be furnished with off-periods. Following the feedback-display of the radio control system, you can deduce when was the last time the jingle had been played. As long as the off-period is still valid, the entry appears slashed in the jingle list. In addition to this, dbc Cart saves the ten last times of use of each jingle.

By means of our central user administration our network-compatible software dbc Cart can be tailored perfectly to the special requirements of each workstation.

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