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dbc RadioControl

The radio control system is the core piece of each radio station. dbc RadioControl was developed in close co-operation with radio moderators and technicians. Thus, it meets the highest demands regarding stability and usability. 
Our RadioControl-system operating via keypad controller with illuminated keys has crucial optical advantages: Different working statuses and feedbacks are displayed on the screen and on the keypad. Regular keyboards and mice are not needed - a fact creating more space within your studio.

Our radio automation system dbc RadioControl both applies to live-assist use as well as fully automatic night programme operation. You can swith the automatic-mode on and off by one simply strike of key. Your moderators have the possibility to pre-listen to the titles whilst modifying the cue-points and the fade-outs. In addition to this, they can disarrange and remove titles. All deleted titles end up in a pool, out of which your moderators can re-load any item into the current broadcast list at any time.

dbc RadioControl

Product information
  • operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7
  • Variable configuration of channels
  • handling of regional elements 
  • configurable fader start or key start
  • operating controller with illuminated keypads 
  • control commands connectable to elements 
  • clear readout of running title
  • configurable readout of broadcast list
  • display of additional text for selected title 
  • Jingle stack with coloured elements 
  • adjustable colours via configuration files
  • works with standard sound cards

The jingle stacks are equipped via the jingle administration dbc Cart. Four stacks with four elements each are avialable. The jingles are marked with a background colour defined by dbc Cart indicating their function (bed,  drop-in, opener, closer), allowing a quick visual comparison to the play list. 

At the time being there are up to 16 gate inputs and outputs available all of which are variably configurable via ASCII-files. They realize the link to the mixer console (fader start, signal pre-listening) as well as to external systems (satellite receivers for news transmissions, cross bars for regionalization).

You can flexibly adapt the required logfiles to the needs of your station with the aid of events, filter conditions and data records. The filter conditions allow you to generate separate logfiles e.g. for adverts and music. The data can also be transferred and made accesible to external systems, for example to show the current title on your website.

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