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dbc Weather & Traffic

Weather and traffic announcements in automatic operation

As you may agree, it is unproblematic to produce moderations between music titles for automated night radio programmes in advance, but as it comes to weather and traffic announcements, the reference to actuality could not be generated so easily until now. So far, radio stations had to find one of these more or less sufficient workarounds:
  • simply leave out any weather or traffic announcements at night
  • produce placeholders for terms such as "nothing going on on the streets" and then hope that nothing will happen for real
  • buy expensive reports via satellite oder FTP 
  • actually have a person moderating at night in the studio, even if it is expensive.
We can offer you an entire solution to this problem with our software dbc Weather & Traffic, which allows a pre-production of each and every traffic- or weather condition (by means of syntax-orientated components) with your own radio speakers. Your listeners will have the impression that they are actually standing live in the broadcast studio all the time!
  • Compilation of moderation texts for fluency
  • Coaching during the vocal takes (correct accentuation and pauses)
  • Cutting the vocal takes and adjusting the volume
  • Generating the standard phrasing
  • Local installation and support
dbc Weather & Traffic

Product Information
  • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  • Processing of ASCII and XML data
  • flexible import filters allow adjustment to various data suppliers 
  • flexible standard phrases allow differential structure of half and full block
  • Mini-rotation guarantees variety in moderation
  • instantaneous transfer of danger alarms to dbc RadioControl system

Our product is successfully on air at the radio stations R.SH, delta radio and NORA since August 2006. 

For a listening sample, please click here for download: RSH_215752.mp3

dbc Weather & Traffic your listeners won't get stuck in a traffic jam - and you won't be left out in the rain!

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